What are the requirements to serve on RAHB’s Board of Directors?

In accordance with Article 5, Section 5.3 of the RAHB Bylaw, to qualify for election as a Director and throughout each Director’s term, the person must:

(a) Have been a Member of organized real estate for at least three (3) years, and a Member in good standing of RAHB for two (2) years immediately preceding their nomination;

(b) Not be an undischarged bankrupt;

(c) Not have been convicted of a criminal offense, unless a pardon has been granted;

(d) Demonstrate financial stability, such as but not limited to, maintaining their RAHB account current;  

(e) Not have been found by a discipline hearing panel to have violated or not complied with this Bylaw or the REALTOR® CREA Code in the past three (3) years;

(f) Not have been found by a discipline committee, or authority established under REBBA, to have failed to comply with the RECO Code in the past three (3) years;

(g) Not have been convicted of an offence under REBBA in the past three (3) years;

(h) Have the qualifications established by the Board of Directors for Director candidates from time to time, based on skill sets relevant to the competent management of the affairs of RAHB;

(i) If elected, have completed leadership courses as set out in RAHB Policy;

(k) Not otherwise be disqualified by virtue of ONCA;

(l) Sign and comply with the Code of Conduct – Directors.

Note: Candidates must complete the OREA/CREA Leadership 100 course prior to running for office. Leadership 100 can be accessed here: https://www.orea.com/Resources-and-Forms/Skills-Development

Additional requirements from the RAHB Governance Policy Manual:

Automatic Disqualification – Prior Removal/Breach of Director’s Code of Conduct

A former RAHB director who was removed from the Board of Directors because of a breach of RAHB’s Bylaws for not being in compliance with the Code of Conduct – Directors, shall not be eligible or qualified to run for office. Any such director’s nomination shall be automatically disqualified prior to the presentation of such director’s nomination as a candidate to the Nomination Committee. The Chair of the Nomination Committee, upon the receipt of notice of any such director’s nomination, shall inform any such director of their disqualification. Furthermore, the Chair of the Nomination Committee shall notify the Nomination Committee that there has been a disqualification but shall keep any such director’s identity confidential. The automatic disqualification of a former RAHB director under these grounds shall be final, binding, and unappealable by any such director to the tribunal referenced in RAHB’s Bylaws.

Candidate Leadership Development Requirements

Candidates must complete the OREA/ CREA Leadership 100 course prior to running for office. Successful candidates must complete Leadership 200, within thirty (30) days of being elected to office, and Leadership 300, if offered, must be completed prior to end of the first year of being elected to office. A current or former RAHB director who has not completed all required courses during their first term of office will not be eligible to re-run for office.