Member FAQ

What are my monthly and quarterly Membership Fees

When you are a member of RAHB, you pay membership dues every calendar quarter to RAHB, OREA* and CREA* (as broken down in the charts below). In addition to quarterly dues, all RAHB members pay a monthly service fee which gives you access to RAHB’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) and other real estate-related services. All fees are subject to HST.

*If you have home board membership with another real estate association, then you will not remit OREA/CREA fees – only RAHB quarterly dues.

Quarterly RAHB Membership Dues

RAHB Monthly Service Fee

$401.22/quarter (+HST)

$54/month (+HST)

  • Price Breakdown:
  • RAHB Quarterly Dues: $130.00
  • OREA Quarterly Dues: $28.75
  • ORWP Quarterly Dues: $164.97
  • CREA Quarterly Dues: $77.50
  • This fee pays for:
  • RAHB’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS®)
  • GeoWarehouse®, WEBForms®, Broker Bay
  • And other real estate-related services
How do I sign up for pre-authorized payments?

To sign up for either pre-authorized credit or debit payments, please fill out the appropriate form below:

How do I get an Administrative Assistant or Officer Administrator password?

To obtain a password for your Administrative Assistant or a Brokerage Office Administrator, please fill out the appropriate form below.

Please note the processing fee for either a
Brokerage Office Administrator or RAHB Member Assistant is 

An additional monthly charge of $17+HST will be required for each active RAHB Member Assistant registered with the Association.

To cancel access for your Administrative Assistant or Brokerage Office Administrator, please fill out the appropriate form below.

Can Appraisers become RAHB Members?

If you are an appraiser, you can apply for access to RAHB’s MLS® system by completing an access contract agreement. However, you will not have access to Geowarehouse, only RAHB’s MLS® system. For more information, contact our Membership Department at 289.778.74671 ext. 251.

Fee Appraiser Agreement

How do I file a complaint?

To file a professional standards complaint, please fill out the form below.