What are the fundamental duties of directors?

  • Compliance
  • Fiduciary Stewardship
  • Risk & Asset Management
  • Performance
  • Strategic Leadership 

Directors have the chance to work closely with other Board members and staff to set the strategic direction of the Association, review and approve the annual budget, monitor organizational compliance, risk and performance and ensure that we are upholding our vision, mission and values. Directors also have the opportunity to bring unique skills and perspectives to the table, and to collaborate with other dedicated individuals to make a positive difference for our Association, our membership and our community.

What is the composition of RAHB’s Board of Directors?

In accordance with Article 5, Section 5.1 of the RAHB Bylaw, the administration of the affairs of RAHB shall be vested in a Board of Directors comprised of:

(a) The following individuals who shall hold office as of right:

(i) the individual who was President in the preceding year, or in the event that such person cannot act, the most recent Past President so willing to act as Immediate Past President;

(ii) the individual who was President-Elect in the preceding year, as President;

(b) Nine individuals who are elected by the membership, in accordance with this Bylaw and RAHB Policies.

Of the eleven Directors referred to above, there must be a minimum of three (3) Brokers, one of who must be a Broker of Record/Manager.

No more than two Individual Members, who are employed by, or are partners of, or Directors of any one Firm Member, may serve as Directors at the same time.

What are the requirements to serve on RAHB’s Board of Directors?

In accordance with Article 5, Section 5.3 of the RAHB Bylaw, to qualify for election as a Director and throughout each Director’s term, the person must:

(a) Have been a Member of organized real estate for at least three (3) years, and a Member in good standing of RAHB for two (2) years immediately preceding their nomination;

(b) Not be an undischarged bankrupt;

(c) Not have been convicted of a criminal offense, unless a pardon has been granted;

(d) Demonstrate financial stability, such as but not limited to, maintaining their RAHB account current;  

(e) Not have been found by a discipline hearing panel to have violated or not complied with this Bylaw or the REALTOR® CREA Code in the past three (3) years;

(f) Not have been found by a discipline committee, or authority established under REBBA, to have failed to comply with the RECO Code in the past three (3) years;

(g) Not have been convicted of an offence under REBBA in the past three (3) years;

(h) Have the qualifications established by the Board of Directors for Director candidates from time to time, based on skill sets relevant to the competent management of the affairs of RAHB;

(i) If elected, have completed leadership courses as set out in RAHB Policy;

(k) Not otherwise be disqualified by virtue of ONCA;

(l) Sign and comply with the Code of Conduct – Directors.

Note: Candidates must complete the OREA/CREA Leadership 100 course prior to running for office. Leadership 100 can be accessed here: https://www.orea.com/Resources-and-Forms/Skills-Development

Additional requirements from the RAHB Governance Policy Manual:

Automatic Disqualification – Prior Removal/Breach of Director’s Code of Conduct

A former RAHB director who was removed from the Board of Directors because of a breach of RAHB’s Bylaws for not being in compliance with the Code of Conduct – Directors, shall not be eligible or qualified to run for office. Any such director’s nomination shall be automatically disqualified prior to the presentation of such director’s nomination as a candidate to the Nomination Committee. The Chair of the Nomination Committee, upon the receipt of notice of any such director’s nomination, shall inform any such director of their disqualification. Furthermore, the Chair of the Nomination Committee shall notify the Nomination Committee that there has been a disqualification but shall keep any such director’s identity confidential. The automatic disqualification of a former RAHB director under these grounds shall be final, binding, and unappealable by any such director to the tribunal referenced in RAHB’s Bylaws.

Candidate Leadership Development Requirements

Candidates must complete the OREA/ CREA Leadership 100 course prior to running for office. Successful candidates must complete Leadership 200, within thirty (30) days of being elected to office, and Leadership 300, if offered, must be completed prior to end of the first year of being elected to office. A current or former RAHB director who has not completed all required courses during their first term of office will not be eligible to re-run for office.

What is the time commitment for serving on RAHB’s Board of Directors?

RAHB’s Board of Directors meets approximately four (4) times a year for regular Board meetings, with additional meetings for the following objectives: orientation, strategic planning and annual budget review and approval.

In addition to preparing for meetings, including reviewing packages, Directors are responsible for continuing dialogue on important issues through the RAHB Board Portal, attending annual CREA and OREA Conferences, RAHB member meetings, and various events and conferences.

What components are required to complete an Expression of Interest to serve on RAHB’s Board of Directors?

Members must complete the following on or before January 31, 2023:

What is the new timeline for the new Expressions of Interest/Nominations period?

January 17: Call for Expression of Interest opens to serve on RAHB’s Board of Directors
January 31: Deadline to respond to the Expression of Interest closes at 4:30 p.m.
February 1-21: The Nomination Committee reviews the Expressions of Interest, interviews candidates and finalizes the recommended slate.
February 24: The Notice of Meeting is issued and a recommended slate is provided to the membership. A call for additional nominations opens.
March 10: Deadline for submitting additional nominations is 4:30 p.m.
March 11-28: The Nomination Committee reviews additional nominations and determines if an election is necessary, and which candidates are on the ballot.
March 31: The original slate is distributed to all members if no additional nominations are received, or an announcement of candidates for election is issued. Additionally, all voting items are submitted to the membership for consideration.
April 4-10: Electronic Voting takes place, if required.
April 10: Deadline for depositing Proxies.
April 12: Date of Annual Meeting.

What if I complete an Expression of Interest, but I am not included on the recommended slate?

If a member completes an Expression of Interest, but is not included on the recommended slate presented to the membership, the member may submit a Nomination application any time between February 24 and March 10, 2023. Once the Nomination Committee reviews additional nominations, they will determine if the candidate(s) meet the requirements to serve on RAHB’s Board of Directors as outlined in the RAHB Bylaws and determine if an election is necessary. If an election is called, an announcement will be made to all members on March 31, 2023. All members will vote electronically between April 4 to 10, 2023 and the results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on April 12, 2023.

Who is on the Nomination Committee, and what is their role?

Chair: Donna Bacher, PureRealty Brokerage

Rochelle Edwards, S. Todd Real Estate Ltd Brokerage

Nancie Mleczko, Coldwell Banker Community Professionals Brokerage 

Kathy Della-Nebbia, Royal LePage State Realty Brokerage

Cassandra Noien, Keller Williams Complete Brokerage

Michelle Shivbarran, Royal LePage State Realty Brokerage

Staff Liaison: Carolyn Infurnari, RAHB 

The Nomination Committee is responsible for presenting a slate of directors who have the required competencies and skills to

ensure that the Association is governed with excellence and vision.

The Committee has the authority to:

  • Prepare and distribute a recommended slate of candidates to the members
  • Prepare and distribute a Notice of Meeting to all members, including the recommended slate of candidates, and a call for additional nominations
  • Review all candidate nominations against a set of criteria established by the Board of Directors
  • Annually review nomination committee policies and procedures and make appropriate recommendations to the RAHB BOD and staff
  • Ensure the integrity of the nominating procedure
  • Recommend new committee members for future terms

What happens if there are not enough applicants to fill the slate?

The Nomination Committee can recommend a slate of any size. The call for further Nominations will still go out.

If the acclaimed slate is still not full, the committee can always recommend to the BoD to fill the vacancies by appointment after the Annual Meeting.

If there is no election, and the recommended slate is acclaimed, what is the purpose of the meeting?

The Annual meeting still serves the purpose of reporting to and being accountable to the membership on annual basis (as per the Bylaws), and approving the auditor. The election of Directors is not the sole purpose of an annual meeting.