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New Nomination/Election Process for RAHB’s Board of Directors

RAHB has made significant investments and taken great strides in improving our governance capacity, most recently with the review and approval of our Bylaws in March 2022. The quality of our governance directly impacts the success and sustainability of our Association and ensures that we deliver the greatest value to our members. 

After a thorough review and consultation, the Board of Directors approved a new Nomination and Election Procedure on December 15, 2022. The new framework reflects a robust process that balances and augments the principles of transparency, diversity, and inclusion by building an elected leadership with the competencies, skills, and experience to govern at the highest standard. Associations across Canada have successfully adopted a similar approach, including several Ontario real estate boards and associations. 

The new process follows these basic steps:

  1. A member interested in becoming a director who meets the outlined requirements is encouraged to submit an “Expression of Interest” in serving on the Board of Directors.
  2. The Nomination Committee is prescribed and authorized to review each “Expression of Interest” and recommend a complete slate of Directors to the membership.
  3. Prior to the close of nomination period, a member who meets the outlined requirements but is not on the recommended slate of Directors is permitted to submit a further Nomination, thereby shifting the process to an election for the vacancies on the Board of Directors. 

We recognize that this change is new to members, and we want to assure you that it is being implemented with the best interests of the Association and our membership in mind. We believe this approach will allow us to build a strong and effective Board that can better serve the needs of our members and our community.

Next week, all members will receive an email from Donna Bacher, Chair of RAHB’s Nomination Committee, with a link to a dedicated website regarding this new process. The site will contain information about what’s involved with being a Director, timelines for this new process, helpful resources, and the digital application form.

We encourage all members to learn more about the application process and to consider applying to serve on the Board of Directors.

Thank you for your commitment to our Association and your continued support.



Carol Ann Burrell, CAE, CRAE

CEO, REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington