(Pictured from left to right: Jeffrey Neven, Executive Director, Indwell; Tom Jeffery, Indwell tenant; Graham Cubitt, Director of Projects and Development, Indwell; Trevor Horzelenberg, President of the Board, Indwell; Steven Rolfe, Director of Policy and Planning, Indwell; Tim Mattioli, RAHB President; Ross Godsoe, CEO, RAHB; Nicole Bade, Indwell tenant; Sylvia Harris, Project Developer, Indwell.)

Affordable rental housing can be hard to find in the Hamilton area, and Indwell (formerly Homestead Christian Care) is addressing the need by building Rudy Hulst Commons, a permanently affordable housing complex in Hamilton’s East End. The block will also house Indwell’s new headquarters and street-level commercial units.

“The Rudy Hulst Commons will provide 47 affordable one and two bedroom apartments, with supports, at 1430 Main St. E.,” says Jeff Neven, Executive Director of Indwell. “Construction is proceeding well and we expect tenants to move in by the end of 2015.”

Indwell received an early Christmas present on Tuesday, December 9, when the REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB), on behalf of its members and the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation, handed over a cheque in the amount of $15,000 for Rudy Hulst Commons.

“REALTORS® have an interest in building better communities,” said RAHB President Tim Mattioli, “and purpose-built, affordable apartments are an important part of a complete community.”

The REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington represents more than 2,700 real estate brokers and sales representatives from the Hamilton, Burlington and outlying areas. RAHB subscribes to a “Quality of Life” philosophy which promotes the creation of vibrant, complete communities for the benefit of all residents.

“Indwell’s work in Hamilton certainly helps promote RAHB’s Quality of Life principles,” added Mattioli. “REALTORS® don’t just sell houses; REALTORS® sell communities – the same communities in which they live and work. Everyone wins when we can build safe, decent and affordable housing.”

Indwell is a Christian charity that creates affordable housing communities that support people seeking health, wellness and belonging. Their programs support 250 households in Hamilton and Woodstock.

The REALTORS Care® Foundation provides grants to Ontario shelter-related charitable organizations, and since its inception has granted more than $3 million to Ontario charities. The REALTORS Care® Foundation is supported by Ontario real estate associations and REALTORS®.