RAHB Service Awards

Recognizing Exceptional Volunteers

About the RAHB Service Awards

Do you know a RAHB REALTOR® who has been an exceptional volunteer within the Association or around their community? If so, you should nominate them for a RAHB Service Award! Our Service Awards are a truly prestigious honour — since the awards began in 1986, only 26 REALTORS® (and one RAHB committee) have received this distinction.

The three awards – Volunteer of the Year, Award of Merit and the Outstanding Community Service Award – are the highest form of recognition of members by their peers. Nominations are made by RAHB members and are judged by a committee made up entirely of RAHB REALTORS®.

The best part about the RAHB Service Awards? Members who win are completely surprised! No one but the Awards Task Force knows who receives an award until they are presented at the RAHB Annual Awards and Appreciation Gala in January. Imagine the look of shock on your nominee’s face when their name is called to come up to receive their award. It’s this surprise factor that makes the RAHB Service Awards process a truly heartwarming experience for all involved.

If you have any questions about the Nomination Process, please e-mail sheilas@rahb.ca.

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Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to a RAHB REALTOR® who has demonstrated exceptional qualities, enthusiasm, perseverance, and has gone above and beyond to serve their fellow members. The recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award  has served on at least one RAHB committee during the current calendar year.

Past winnersMargaret Reid (2016), Bonnie Dowling (2012), Don Inglehart (2011), Stacey Adamson (2007), Ann Forbes Arndt & Gerry Fabbri (2005), Tony Locane (2004), Bruce Moran (2003), Tanis Hall (2002)

Award of Merit

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is presented to a RAHB REALTOR® who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and service. The recipient of the Award of Merit has contributed positively to the Association over a period of no less than three years.

Past Winners: Donna Bacher (2017), Gloria Payton (2015), Bruce Moran (2014), Jamie Edwards (2012), Mike Cusano (2011), Dan Gies (2009), Tamer Fahmi (2007), Shawn Murray (2000), George Vergadis (1996), Building Committee (1993), Cassandra Agnew Romios (1991), Judy Marsales (1987), Marjorie Kraftcheck (1986)

Outstanding Community Service Award

Outstanding Community Service Award

The Outstanding Community Service Award is presented to a RAHB REALTOR® who has shown outstanding dedication to the real estate industry and exceptional volunteer service to their community for a period of no less than three years. As part of this award, the Association will present $1,000 to the recipient’s charity of choice.

Past Winners: Jim Duschl (2017), Bonnie Dowling (2016), Nancie Mleczko (2015), Mario Cupido (2013), Diane Price & Larry Szpirglas (2011), Jamie Edwards (2009), Darlyne Mills (2006)

Winner Testimonials

I was asked how I felt to receive the RAHB Volunteer of the Year award. I was more than surprised, I was shocked! I didn’t know that I was getting this award, and I had absolutely no idea that I was receiving this honour. I wanted to volunteer with RAHB because I thought that I could make a difference in our profession, better it for RAHB members, and help to continue to make our board progressive on all levels.To be recognized for all my efforts is so heartwarming and I am so thankful.

Bonnie Dowling

2012 Volunteer of the Year Award Winner, B. Dowling Real Estate Limited

Surprised doesn’t begin to express how I felt when I received RAHB’s Award of Merit — thrilled comes closer. Through the years I have loved our Association and done my best to contribute to it, but I never expected an award for it! Each time I look at the award sitting in my office, I smile at how much I have learned and grown and benefited from committee and governance participation. Receiving this award is an ‘icing on the cake’ of the past 30 years. I am so very grateful.

Gloria Payton

2015 Award of Merit Winner, L. Piriano, Real Estate Brokerage

Being involved with many community organizations and Boards is just something I do, and I gain much personal gratification from it. So to be honoured by RAHB and my peers was amazing, and pretty humbling. We don’t share our extra curricular activities in the course of daily business, so recognition, publicly and personally, for many hours and years of dedication was an exceptional reward.

Nancie Mleczko

2015 Outstanding Community Service Award Winner, Coldwell Banker Community Professionals