How Commercial REALTORS® Help


Commercial appraisals determine the value of a specified interest in commercial real estate. A REALTOR® has the expertise to provide accurate appraisals for your business.

Sales & Acquistions

A REALTOR® can provide detailed due diligence and market knowledge for the search, negotiation, disposition or acquisition of your existing and new business operations.

Representing Tenants & Landlords

REALTORS® use in-depth knowledge the local market to negotiate contracts for the use of office, retail or industrial spaces at a cost-effective price for both landlord and tenant.


REALTORS® bring together developers, landlords and tenants to build premises that are specific to the needs of the occupant, with the terms and conditions to either buy or lease negotiated in advance of construction.

Investment Purchase & Sale

Commercial REALTORS® can identify a location and do the calculations to determine whether or not a property you are interested in is a positive return on investment.

Property Management & Development

REALTORS® determine the best location and market conditions for the construction of office, retail, industrial or multi-family buildings. They ensure that you maximize the value of your assets to meet your property goals.