Housing Affordability 

  • According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and RAHB, spending more than 30 per cent of before tax income on housing is unaffordable.
  • Housing affordability is relative depending upon housing prices, income level, and various things.
  • RAHB works with several community partners to help increase housing affordability at several levels.
  • RAHB also advocates for elected officials and city staff to use proper terminology when speaking about housing affordability and drafting policies and laws that affect Burlington residents. For example, “Affordable Housing” is a term that includes all types of housing affordability; however, is used many time to only refer to incidences of social housing or subsidized housing. We advocate for clear understanding and use of proper terminology that can affect all Burlington residents.
  • Additionally, the average price for a home in Burlington in April was $752,459, and a concern of RAHB is that affordability is getting out of reach for many who grew up in the community
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Freeze on Downtown Burlington Development

  • In March 2019, the City of Burlington approved an interim control by-law that essentially froze development in the downtown area and the area surrounding the Burlington GO Station.
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  • In May 2019, after learning that smaller developments, such as decks, pools, etc., were facing issues obtaining permits, the City of Burlington approved of amendments to the interim control by-law.
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  • According to Statistics Canada, in 2016, the homeownership rate for the population 65 and older was 74.6%. Subsequently, according to the Government of Ontario, the senior homeownership rate will continue to rise as seniors are the fastest growing age group in Ontario
  • Many lived on fixed incomes
  • Although they may own their homes, other costs may force them out of their homes before they are physically ready to do so
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