Below are the excepts of the sign bylaws active in RAHB's jurisdictional area. There are links to the full bylaw, which may include some general provisions that might apply to real estate signs. Updated November 2012.

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5.11 Other signs

5.11.1 No permit is required for the signs under subsection 5.1 1.2.
5.11.2 No person shall display or permit to be displayed:

open house directional sign
(i) a temporary, free-standing sign advertising an open house except:

(i) between 10:OO a.m. and 6 p.m. of the day of the open house;
(ii) with a maximum sign area of 0.5 m2;
(iii) not displayed on a traffic island or median or attached to a light standard or utility pole; and
(iv) at least 0.3 m from a sidewalk;

real property sale, lease or rent sign
(j) a sign advertising the sale, lease or rent of real property except:

(i) for a maximum of 14 days after a firm sale is reported to the local realtors association or after the agreement to lease or rent has been finalized;
(ii) if the real property sale, lease or rent sign is for one dwelling with a maximum sign area 0.6 m2;
(iii) if the real property sale, lease or rent sign is for any real property other than one dwelling with a maximum sign area of 4.0 m2;
(iv) with no illumination; and
(v) on the property which is being sold, leased or rented;

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4. Signs not requiring permits

4.2. The following signs do not require a sign permit from the Director but shall comply with the requirements of this By-law regarding setback from a street, setback from abutting properties, and requirements related to pedestrian and vehicular safety.

(i) A non-illuminated real estate point of sale sign advertising the sale or lease of a residential building or property, provided that such sign does not exceed 1.2 m² in area per sign face and is located on the residential building or property that is advertised for sale or lease. For all other uses, the maximum sign area shall not exceed 3m².

6. Regulations respecting size, type and location

6.7. Directional signs

6.7.1. Signs advertising private garage sales, open house directional signs, or signs erected by community or charitable organizations advertising an upcoming event may be erected within the road allowance subject to the following regulations:

(a) no sign shall be erected on a median or traffic island.
(b) no sign shall be located closer than 1 m to the curb or the edge of the traveled portion of the roadway where there is no curb.
(c) no sign shall exceed a height of 1 m or have any one dimension greater than 1 m.
(d) signs which advertise an event shall be erected no more than 3 days before the event and shall be removed the day following the event and shall not be erected a total period of more than 6 consecutive days.
(e) each sign shall clearly indicate the name, address and telephone number of the individual or organization responsible for creating and erecting the sign.

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2.12 Notwithstanding the provisions of Subsection 23 of this bylaw no permit shall be required for the following Signs

a. any directional Sign not exceeding 0.5 square metres (5.4 square feet) in area and not exceeding 1.5 metres (4’11” in height)
c. a Sign not exceeding 0.6 square metres (6.5 square feet in area) identifying a property for sale lease or rent

5.2 Real Estate Signs

5.2 No person shall erect install or locate a Real Estate Sign upon residential lands which Real Estate Sign is larger than 0.6 square metres (6.5 square feet) in area

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Haldimand County (

4.15 No permit is required to erect the following signs provided the signs otherwise comply fully with the provisions of this By-law:

iii) Real estate signs;
iv) Real estate open house directional sign

6.2 Prohibited Locations

viii) No person shall erect a sign within any road allowance other than a sign installed by Municipal agreement or a poster sign, a real estate open house directional sign, or a portable sign otherwise permitted by this By-law;

7.4 A billboard sign, directional sign, election sign, ground sign, home industry sign, home occupation sign, mobile sign, off-site directional sign, portable sign, projecting sign, promotional development direction sign, promotional development sign, real estate sign, and real estate open house directional sign may have two display surfaces attached back to back.

8.9 Maximum number of signs

Directional Sign - No maximum
Real Estate Sign - 1 per street line

8.10 Maximum sign area

Real Estate Sign - 0.55 m2 (res) / 2.75 m2 (ind/com/ins/agr)
Real Estate Open House Directional Sign - 0.6 m2

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Norfolk County (

REAL ESTATE SIGN shall mean a temporary sign indicating the property on which the sign is located or any part thereof is for sale, rent or is open for viewing for the purpose of such sale or rent of the property and shall include open house directional signage.

3. General requirements

3.11 Notwithstanding other provisions of this By-Law the requirement for a sign permit or building permit shall not apply to:

(m) Real Estate Signs not exceeding 1 .0 sq m (10 .76 ft sq.) in sign area ;

4. General sign provisions

4.5 The following signs are permitted in all zones:

(e) a Real Estate Sign

11. Real estate signs

11.1 In addition to the requirements contained in Section 4 the requirements of this Section shall apply to all Real Estate Signs.
11.2 Real Estate Signs shall:

(a) not be placed closer than 1 .0 m (3 .28 ft) to any lot line; and
(b) not create an obstruction to vehicle or pedestrian traffic or a hazard to public safety.

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